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Embrays Designs - Valhalla Vintage Verb - 120 Presets

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Embrays Designs - 120 Presets for Valhalla Vintage Verb


Divided Equally into - Longer Decay Reverb Varieties and - Short Quick Decay Varieties.

Complete List of 120 Presets -

Although VVV is very Easy to Use and I've Watched 100s of Videos of People Open the Plugin and just use the Default Preset and Tweak just the Main 3 Parameters - Mix, Decay and the Mode to get the Desired Reverb Effect and Move to Next.

2 Main Issues here -

1 - Not Utilising the Best VVV has inside, Tweaking Default Preset will get you a Decent Verb, But with the right Algos and the Correct Setting intended specifically for the Instrument type will give you the Best Perfect Verb.

2 - It may sound good in Solo but moving ahead - The wrong Shape Param setting can bloat the Density and Add Harsh Mids to your Inst, Wrong EQ - HP and LP settings can Muddle and Destroy your Mixes, Wrong Early and Late Diffusion settings can turn smooth sound to grainy scattered and transient active sounds to boring smooth.

What you get in this Preset Pack -

1 - Best Selected Algo out of the Total 22 Algo that goes Best with the Particular Instrument to get Best Output from the Basic Root itself.

2 - Correct EQ HP and LP settings are MUST for End Mixes to sound Clean and Tidy. Each Instrument have their EQ range that is taken care of, plus if you like your Verbs to sound Dark, Bright, Thin, Band Limited or Full Range, I’ve included all such Varieties as well.

3 - Early and Late Diffusion is mainly to Design a Scattered or Smooth Environment, It's slight Difficult to hear the Differences but Actively plays a Big part in getting the Perfect Mix. I’ve used my Audiophile Stax Electrostatic Headphones to Track that and get the Best Diffusion Settings.

4 - With Correct Shape Settings, I’ve avoided any Mids pileup or Density buildup that may lead to bloat or harsh frequencies, and the Attack Param to handle the Depth or Right in your face Verbs.

5 - Finally all the other Params like Colour-70s, 80s, Modern, High Dampening, BassMult and the Modulation params were Carefully tweaked to get the Best out of the Algos and Presets.

I do hope Everyone Enjoys these Presets, Use em with VVV on their Day to Day Project Works, Brings more Ease and Saves Time, and hopefully Brings more Value and Perfection to your Music.

Any Questions about this Preset Pack or any other Pack or Just about any Feedback, Suggestions or anything General,
Do Feel Free to Contact me here -

Thank You so much for all the Support, Much Appreciate.

B Ray (Embrays)

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Embrays Designs - Valhalla Vintage Verb - 120 Presets

3 ratings
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