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Embrays Designs - Xfer Serum FX - 100 Presets Vol 1

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Embrays Designs - 100 Presets Vol.1 for Xfer Records Serum FX

Collection of 100 Effect Presets for Xfer Serum FX (not for the main Serum Plugin, No Sound Generation) Multi-Effects for Serum FX Plugin Only.

Check out the Demo Video -

100 Presets Divided into 8 Main Categories -


These Presets are one of a kind UNIQUE, WHY??

  • Use your MIDI Keyboard to Activate the WET FX, Release MIDI to go back to DRY
  • Control the Transition Time, If you want 5 second Smooth Transition from DRY to WET or 10 second Transition back to DRY from WET, Absolutely Possible.
  • Draw MIDI Note that goes in Serum FX for Precise Trigger, like a Bar just before the Drop or Specific Lines or Words in a Vocal Track or Parts in a Instrument Track.

These Presets are Immense FUN to play with, WHY??

  • Mod Wheels, Macros are Assigned to several Parameters at Once, so a Nudge or Play while the FX is ON can Alternate between Subtle Flavour to Extreme Change LIVE on the Fly is Serious FUN.
  • Draw Automation for MW and Macros for Precise Movements, Modulations and ofc Crazy Automations is Always FUN.

This Pack has been in work since 2019, like 4 years now, Presets Designing is similar to like other Multi Effects Plugin I've Designed Presets In before,
BUT the Overall Structure like MIDI Activating, Deactivating, MIDI Triggering, Gain Balancing, Mod Wheel and Macros Activating via AUX and more took many many Revisions and Brain Storming to Perfect it over the 4 years.

I Really Do Hope Everyone Enjoys and have lots of Fun Playing with these and get many Projects / Songs Done Creatively and Magnificently.

Any Questions, Feedbacks, Suggestions about this Pack or just about anything in General, Do Feel Free to Contact me -

and Thank You so much for the Support B Ray (Embrays)

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Embrays Designs - Xfer Serum FX - 100 Presets Vol 1

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